Below is a list of online resources for those interested in updates on Hurricane Irma in the Virgin Islands. Facebook Groups have been helpful in providing pictures, videos, and updates on locating Virgin Islanders. To add to this list, please email:

Live Videos

The American Red Cross is now charged with assisting people who are searching for their loved ones. VITEMA has charged the ARC with helping locate family and friends who have been affected by Irma. If you are looking for someone call the American Red Cross at 800-733-2767, you will be prompted for some information. Once connected to an operator they will do a search in their database (which will probably yield zero results) but the good news is you can register them after that. Once you get their information logged in the database the Red Cross team will take your contact information and dispatch it to local teams on the ground. Go ahead and do it as it may help in finding your loved one.